Setting sights on the west

Soon I will be on the sunnier side of things and I'm looking forward to grabbing every moment not inside an over air conditioned convention center to take in the warm west air.

I love changes of scenery ever so much and am very lucky to have that luxury often and it's greatly appreciated.

let's try this again...

It's been so very long since I have posted and Mum wants to see some content, so what Mum wants she gets :)

So, here goes...let's start simple. Today I am thinking of burgers, I only eat them a few times a year, but I do love them. One of the things I link these juicy treats to are road movies, road trips, road adventures...whatever you want to call them.

Toping my list is Weber's in Ontario, a pit stop on the way to cottage country. From my home country to my adopted Scandinavia, Phil's halloumi burger is the only burger I have ever ordered two to be consumed in one sitting and don't regret that decision in the least.  In the US of A both Shake Shack and In-n-Out are tied for my affection.

Soon I hope to be able to enjoy is an In-n-Out whilst on the west coast, we shall see...fingers crossed!

let's paint the walls!

It's been quite some time since I posted things on this blog. The world, as well as mine has changed so much since I started to post things to keep an archive that I was unable to loose. This random thunderstorm-y thursday will mark my attempt to get back into posting things that I find interesting and want to be able to access easily. 
Mum will have things to read and I will have a place to pop back into from time to time to call upon those sparks of inspiration that make this lovely life, lovely. 
Pretty Ombre walls captured by this talented lady 

Carl - I love you so

Carl Kleiner has been rocking it as usual with some beautiful abstract paper photographs. They never disappoint and always inspire me. It's not what you have, it's what you make of it.

Cutting Boards

My friend Jon told me a while back, that cutting boards are the new stocked bookshelf. They speak to a person's passion about enjoying food and life. I thought the comment was quite sweet as I have an addiction to those beautiful, useful boards. They act as serving trays, plates, prep areas and are just beautiful to look at, to me that is.

I came across this shot and it made me think that my dream kitchen isn't so much about the fancy appliances, the size or really the location of it. It's about well used beautiful objects that have been put to work on memorable meals shared with loved ones, and this lighting certainly doesn't hurt!


Soon I will be off to Copenhagen to celebrate love and lifelong friendship, but first a few peeks from an amazing weekend in Aspen. Food and Wine is my official favorite magazine and Stephanie Izard can do no wrong in my book.